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 Joe Bromley & Dan Bromley

Tech-Care congratulates Joe & Dan on their success at Daytona on their Tech-Care KTM's!

Joe (#50) won 5 main events and had 7 seven 2nd place finishes ,three 3rd, and one 4th.

Dan (#54) won 13 main events and got three 2nd place finishes.

Derek Parsons

Tech-Care part/accessories manager

Vet rider

James Roberts

#165 20-year-old Tech-Care Racer, rides a CRF 250, in the 250A and MX 2 Pro classes. Loyal part of the 811 Army. Look for him out on the track!

Bryce Martinez

Bryce will be racing her 2014 CRF 250 for the 2015 MX season. She is ranked one of the top woman national racers.

Look for her on the podium at all the regionals!

Good Luck Bryce!!

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Rob Grenkowitz

Races both LT250R and TRX250R. 2012 Class Champion at MPX. Look for him this year in the 30+ Class!

Kim Edge

Beginner quad rider.

Jason McDonald

Racing Tech-Care Suspension set ups since 1990 in motocross & supermoto. Still going strong.

Jim Binder

From Ann Arbor, MI and has been racing for over 30 years. Races 45+ & 50+

Mark Bradley

Loretta Lynn's Vet rider

Dave Bowman

Owner of "Tech-Care". Racing for over 30 years. Held expert Pro MX national #66 in '77, #1
​ in '78, & #57 in '79. Raced many vet nationals at Loretta Lynn's. Dave is always busy testing and racing so look for him at the track...

Billy Robertson

Tech-Care technician

Joel Raymond

Top amateur racer from Michigan. Mainly races out of state when on work assigmnets with Land Rover. Took 4th at Dayton Amature SX in "40+ A" last year, he is going back this year!

Heather Bowman

Heather finished 2nd at (Goffer Dunes) taking 9th overall at the 2013 Womens Canadian National! This upcoming 2014 season, the Womens National will be at our local track; Baja Acres

Konrad Burrell

Tech-Care Suspension Technician

Riding freestyle FMX for past 5 years.

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Rick Walsworth

From Valdosta, IN. Raced professional MX back in the 70's and held national number in the top 100 for 3 years. Still competes today in the 45 & 50+ class.

Jim Vens

One of Michigan's friendliest vet riders. One of Tech-Care's Learn-to-ride Motocross School instructors.

Carl Zipfel

Bob Burns

Works with Joel Raymond. Races amateur events all over the USA. Finished 3rd at Catalina Island race in 40+ on his Tech-Care Honda CR250.