Volume Chambers

Tech-Care Fork Volume Chambers significantly improve the plushness and bottoming resistance of Kayaba, Showa cartridge and twin-chamber style forks. With the ability for the rider to adjust the low speed fork action using an adjustable pintle valve located between the fork and chamber, the oil height and compression valve stacks can be set more aggressively to improve the fork's mid stroke action and bottoming resistance during high speed hits and slap-down landings. Just adjust your base valve compression adjuster for overall feel and then adjust the chamber's low speed bleed screw for the initial travel or low speed action. You can run a higher oil height and keep your forks plush and they resist bottoming.

Volume Chambers

Our chambers also incorporate an exclusive upper quick bleed to bleed off fork air pressure between moto's as well as a maintenance free design that eliminates oil accumulation in the chambers.

Since 2001, Tech-Care has developed and manufactured fork air-volumes chambers. We have pioneered chamber design innovations such as the easy air-bleed vent, the self oil purging chamber, billet aluminum chamber clamps, quick snap carbon fiber chamber clamps, plastic chamber clamps and chambers designed specifically for mini's. Over the years, Tech-Care has tested the Volume Chambers on many bikes and have had great suspension performance with the chambers on the Suzuki SHOWA forks. Tech-Care has been testing the volume chambers on the '04 CRF250, 450 and is having great success with the volume chambers on the 250s. Fork enhancement is improved, as the chambers take away the harshness in the mid-stroke with the CRF250s, 450s.

Volume Chamber Advantages
The Tech-Care Suspension volume chamber provides additional air volume to manipulate. By dividing the total air volume into two “chambers”, and separating them with a “restrictive barrier”, it is possible to control the compression of the volume by metering restriction between the two chambers. The compressing “charge” is created by the inner fork tube entering the outer fork tube. This charge compresses the oil level chamber in the fork.

With the Tech-Care Suspension volume chamber installed, a high oil level can be set within the fork. The air volume chamber provides additional air volume, which when combined with the oil level volume is actually providing a large total air chamber volume. When the fork is compressed slowly or uses shorter amounts of stroke, the total air volume of both chambers is compressed equally, giving the sensation of a very low oil level, and the action is soft.

Volume Chambers

But as the fork compression speed increases, or longer amounts of stroke are used, the restrictive barrier prevents equal compression between the two chambers, so the oil level chamber compresses at a higher rate than the volume chamber volume. This gives the sensation of a high oil level in the fork, and the action is firmer. In other words, when the fork is compressed slowly or uses short stroke, it feels like it has a low oil level. But when the fork is compressed faster, or uses longer stroke, it feels like it has a high oil level. The tuning elements of the system are the volumes of each chamber (oil level and air volume) and restrictive barrier (flow adjustment on air volume chamber). The Tech-Care Suspension system is installed on the stock cap through the air bleed hole, which is drilled out larger and tapped to accept a larger flow fitting. The hoses attach to the cap fittings and then to the air volume chamber with a air bleed adjustment on the air chamber.

The difference between the KAYABA bladder system and the Tech-Care Suspension volume chamber system is that the restrictive barrier between the two chambers is HYDRAULIC in the bladder system, and PNEUMATIC in the volume chamber system. Which is better? We believe that PNEUMATIC, air restriction is better because air can compress and will not spike. HYDRAULIC, oil restriction is not compressible, so sometimes it spikes. Also, the bladder system is not adjustable, and the Tech-Care Suspension volume chamber system is.

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