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Bike Test: 2011-CRF450R

Tech-Care has tested the all new 2011 Honda CRF450R! As we get ready to go into 2011 our first 450 test bike has arrived at our shop. We tested it hear and at local MX tracks. We found that the quiet new CRF450 came to life after break in. As the riding progressed so did the power delivery, and it was very usable. Lots of midrange and over rev! We installed oversize gearing of 14 up front and 51 in the rear. This combo makes the suspension work better, improves the leverage ratio on chain, and helps the suspension. New EFI programming makes the bike start easier, and has good power delivery. It is a great bike for vets as it is an amateur/user-friendly Bike out of the crate! Also, the new 2011 CRF450 is one of the lightest 450s of the big 5 weighing in at only 230#!!! As of now this is Tech-care Suspensions favorite 450. Some changes that we didn't like was the linkage upgrade, still had a stink bug affect in the rear. We tried a new rear shock linkage pullrod that we used previously on the '09-'10 bikes which is 5mm longer. That extra length helps the rear suspension out quite a bit. There running a 5.4kg rear spring. Also the bike had alot of HEADSHAKE! The fix for this is simple; revalve the forks as they have the stiffist midvalve compression EVER! Go up on fork springs to .47 or. 48 and set oil volume to 330cc. One of the biggest disappointments was the forks are overvalved on the compression base & midvalve. Tech-care Suspension can fix this problem with ease. Overall this bike is a great contender, with the new sound requirements @ 94 decibels with good power! 

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